Making things open to everyone is one of the most powerful things that drives the world forward. Based on this idea, I started to practice in open source, open data, even open education.

This was a notebook for myself when I was studying at Fudan University. At that time, I learned how to use LaTeX and I was excited. LaTeX is so beautiful. So I thought I should start writing something using LaTeX. Well, the problem was, I just randomly wrote down my notes on some random topics.

I was greedy back then. I had this idea that each physicist has her/his own version of physics. So I tried to build up my own understanding of physics by performing some derivations and writing down notes. It never did the work by the way. I quickly realized that building up a framework requires something more organized.

Though these notes didn’t help me building up my own perspective of phyiscs, I was able to confirm this idea: A physicist should build up his/her own style, i.e., the way to think, the way to solve problems, the way to check answers, even the way to write.

It was not a successful story but I decided to put all the contents here and make them accessible to everyone.

Yes. Use the source. Keep the source open.